Beautiful Butterfly Birthday Cake


I can’t believe another year has gone by, and that I am now the mother of a 4 year old. Holy Moly! Life just seems to go by so fast…especially lately…seems like just yesterday Audrey was a tiny baby and now she’s sporting stick on earrings and ring pops and she is quite the big lady (or so she told me today… :-) )

This year for her birthday, I made this cute butterfly M&M cake:

I actually got the idea from a recipe on the back of a package of some Easter M&Ms, which I saved…for 5 long months, just so I could make this cake! (believe me, I was tempted a few times to eat all that chocolate…but I resisted…)

Here is what you will need:

-2 big bags of regular M&Ms (you will need 2 bags so you will have enough of the same color to make a pattern, I used Easter M&Ms which is how I got such girly colors, but I also know you can order M&Ms in any color that you want if you go to the M&Ms website)
-1 round cake.
-1 tub of yummy white store bought frosting

How To:

Cut your cake in half, flip the two halves out and cut little triangles out for the notch in the wings. Use the cut out triangles to make the center (body) of your butterfly. Then freeze your cake for an hour or so, (which will make it easier to frost) frost your cake, and decorate with your M&Ms.

I then just added squiggle candles (that you can buy at Walmart) for the antennas…I added 2 more after I took the picture since my daughter was turning 4. :-)

And there you have it….a fun, easy, beautiful butterfly cake. woot!


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  1. So cute! Great job Anne!


  2. Cute! And easy. Love it


  3. I can’t believe you’re the mother of a 4-year-old either!!!!!

    Lovely cake though!
    Kristiana´s last blog post ..First Day of School


  4. Great job! You’re a nice Mom!
    Oh, thanks for telling me that M&M can take order to make any color I want. Ha ha, good to know~~ just in case, I need to do something similar too in the near future~
    Aurelia´s last blog post ..Adorable Wedding Dolls


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