My Quilt for YMAD.


So, I have had this quilt top sitting in a box in my storage room for about 7 years (yeah, I am one of “those” people— Defined as: “someone who starts a project and then never finds the time to finish it.” ha ha, I just thought I would let you know, so you don’t have to feel bad if you are one of “those” people too =) It’s okay, I have a feeling there are a lot of us out there in the world…and I am proud to be one of them!

Even though I am one of “those” people, every once in awhile I get inspired to pull out some old project, that never got done, and get working. This go around it was because I finally found a good “cause” to finish up my quilt! My dad and my sister are both involved in a group called YMAD, (Youth Making A Difference) which is “a year long leadership training program for teenagers.” This year in November they are taking a group of  24 High School kids to India. They will help ” [reopen] a maternity hospital and [establish] a new orphanage in a remote village near Manali and Kullu in the Hymalays.” Pretty cool!!!

The reason though, that I decided to finish my quilt is because on June 26, 2009 they are having their first ever annual “Humm…for the slums” at Sugar House Park in SLC Utah. It will basically be a fun evening to eat some good food, listen to some local bands, and participate in a live and silent auction to help this group make some money, so they can continue to do all of the good things that they do! And, I decided that I would donate my quilt for a raffle! I am really excited about it, and I hope that it will earn a little bit of money for this group of kids!

If you would like to attend this event, check out their website to purchase tickets ( ) or you can email me at anne[at]floralshowers[dot]com for discounted tickets (1/2 off)!  It is going to be a very fun night!

Here is a pic of my quilt (sorry, the lighting in my house isn’t that great):


Oh, and I took some pictures to do a tutorial on how to tie and bind quilts…so I’ll post that when I get some more time. But, my kiddo just woke up from her nap—so that means I’m outa here!


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