I Finally Made a Baby Bib!


Back in June I put up a post that linked you to a pattern to make these adorable baby bibs . Well, I finally got one made up. YAY! I didn’t use a cloth napkin (like the pattern suggests), I just used some left over flannel that I had in my stash from when I made my little boy his rag quilt…

Tangent: I LOVE RAG QUILTS! I will have to post a picture of it with a little how to…because everyone and I do mean EVERYONE should make one!

Okay, so here is my bib:

Flannel Baby Bib

I also made a little matching ribbon toy to go with it. I just sewed two pieces of flannel together in an X and then sewed around the edge over little loops of ribbon. (My little guy is only 4 months old and he absolutely LOVES playing with his ribbon toy!) I also added ribbon to the bottom of the bib, and because I was inspired by Jess, I decided to do a little embroidery too. Hmm. Hopefully I will get better—though I think it turned out all right for free hand embroidery! After all I’m no artist!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to say ‘Hello’. I’m just so excited to discover your blog too! It’s going in my list of Inspiring Blogs today :) Your bib is cute as can be. I have a baby boy on the way and will add your project to my crafty to-do list.


  2. I am planning on trying out my skills on some rag quilts in the near future. I have one that was made for my little boy (not by me) Just looking at how that one was made, I have deduced that I need fifty 8X8 squares- 10 of five different flannel patterns. I’ll need to sew 25 squares putting the flannel sqares back to back and then sew it all together. Does that sound right? Do you follow a different pattern? I saw a really cute one in the craft store the other day that had strips of flannel making up each sqare which was then pieced together as normal.. I got very excited to try that as well, but don’t know if I can figure it out without a parttern…. Sorry for such a long and probably confusing comment. In short, I am excited for your rag quilt post. ! <3


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