Car Seat Bunting 3

Homemade Car Seat Bunting


This year (I kid you not) I had the hardest time EVER finding my little guy a coat. I literally went to 10 stores and I found infant coats in every size smaller and larger than the size I needed! I was so frustrated. I finally found this little brown jacket/coat but I didn’t think it would be quite warm enough for these cold Utah Winters. So as I was searching around on-line I came up with the idea to make a car seat bunting. (I found some for sale for $50 plus…YIKES!)

I called up my aunt Diana (this is an aunt everybody on earth wishes they had, and luckily for me I do!) and she had some really warm (and I mean REALLY warm) wool that she said I could have. And then I went to the store and picked up this nice light brown fabric to put on the outside for $5.00. (unfortunately I sewed the wrong sides together, so the nice suede side is actually sewn on the inside…sometimes that’s just the way it goes huh!?! Oh well.)

I actually found a pattern to make one of these on Etsy by ToadsTreasures but I decided to just give it a go on my own…and I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out!

I sewed up the bottom so his little feet would always be covered…

and I added ties on both flaps so he wouldn’t be able to wriggle his arms out…

I am so happy with the way it turned out! And I am happy with the $5 I spent and the $45.00 I saved! YAY!!!


  1. Good job! Now he looks all warm and cozy!


  2. Great cost saver. It looks like it works and he seems to like it.


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