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I love all the cute and feminine cardigans I’ve been seeing lately (here for example). They are just adorable and made my plain cardigans look boring. So I had to refashion a few of them. This first one I just added some organdy ribbon around the collar.

Green Cardigan with Organdy Ribbon

Green Cardigan

Basically I just randomly pleated the ribbon in any which way and sewed down. Simple but sweet. I also tried changing the buttons on this cardigan to white vintage buttons (thinking vintage buttons make anything cuter… ) and it just made it look a little dated for my taste. But those vintage buttons are still to die for.

Vintage Button

This cardigan is my favorite (my husband really, really likes this one, too. I’m actually surprised at how much he likes it). I just sewed on some rows of lace (with a zigzag stitch). I love it!

Lace Cardigan

Look at how cute this lace is. It makes me really happy.

Lace Cardigan

I thought I’d show you this next picture because it makes me laugh. While I was sewing on the lace I somehow sewed down my presser-foot. I guess I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing. It sure made me laugh.


BCD Show and tell

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  1. WAY cute, Jess. I actually really like the vintage buttons! So what if it looks dated? That’s the best part! Also, love the idea of the lace. I may have to try it because tuxedo tops are probably my most favorite at the moment.


  2. Thanks Aliese!

    As for the vintage buttons… saying it was dated was my nice way of saying it looked momish (and not the hip, cute mom look). The picture doesn’t do it justice. Even my sweet husband told me it wasn’t a good look for me.


  3. so cute! i love what you did with both cardigans!


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