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Freezer Paper is so Cool!


So, I will admit that I never thought too much about freezer paper…until last week when my neighbor showed me just HOW COOL it really is!

Did you know, that if you take a multiple sized pattern and trace the size you want with a permanent marker (be careful not to mark the surface you are tracing on because that pattern paper is a tad bit thin…oops—magic eraser did wonders thankfully—):

and then trace your pattern onto a sheet of freezer paper (draw on the papery side not the shiny side)

that you can then iron your new pattern onto your fabric (and yes it will STICK!)

and make it super easy for you to cut out with scissors. How crazy cool is that!?! Anyhow, if you didn’t know….know you do :-)


  1. Wow! That will save me tons of time next time I want to make something! Thanks. ;)


  2. I have got to get me some freezer paper! That is sooo cool!
    .-= Kara┬┤s last blog ..Jumping on the Bandwagon! =-.


  3. Don, I think that was one of your better posts and IMHO is an imotnpart post. You acknowledge the challenges facing our society from a witches brew of factors that lead to violence. As I see it the process requires a risk management vulnerabilities assessment with a charting of frequency and severity. Imagine a river that viciously floods at unpredictable times affecting a growing valley population. Disaster repeats itself. So it is decided to build a dam up river to control runoff (policy change). It also has many other side benefits, it not only lessens fear but provides water for irrigation and power generation. However, it may take 20 years to get such a dam built and operational. So for 20 years, the threat repeats and people are left with dike building and sand bagging. Assuming whatever violence control policy measures are put in place to address the system failures, with the prevalence of weapons, mental illness, and other sociopathic behaviors that correlate to episodes of violence, to do nothing for the years to pass until such time as the policy measures become effective is not acceptable. A dual track approach is necessary. Training and equipping civilian authority figures to respond to violent threats is one such effort to do something to meet those near term threats not arrested by violence control policy efforts to change the systemic problems. Allowing individual citizens to act accordingly in defense of themselves or another is further response. Another approach is to significantly expand law enforcement 100x over. It’s NOT acceptable to leave the vulnerabilities unaddressed for 20 years.It’s not a matter of trading near term threat abatement efforts for systemic policy measures, or the other way around. They must work together. Mere signs are insufficient. Any way, I liked your post. It’s constructive to put the issues on the table without the vituperative distractions that trade on a tragedy.


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