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I currently live in a (teeny) tiny basement apartment with hand-me-down furniture. A few months back I was finally able to get a slipcover for our plush yellow love seat from the 80s. With the new gray slipcover also came the desire to add a few decorative pillows and a valance. I’ve had the fabric for a few months now, a few beautiful selections from the Hello Betty line, and have finally completed my redecoration project.

The pillows are pretty basic, but for two of them I added a covered button in the center. (I’ll probably add a button to the center of the 3rd pillow, but right now the pillow form is pretty lopsided…)


The valance is backed with a cream corduroy to add stability and so it hangs straight. I added some orange stripes down the sides, with covered buttons.


I think it turned out great and love that it makes our basement dwelling more habitable.


Author: Jess

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  1. Love it! They turned out awesome!


  2. How do you make covered buttons?

    Super cute pillows and valance!


  3. I love it!!! It is so cute. You are so creative!


  4. I love how the valance turned out. Good use of cute fabric :)


  5. Look at you! Getting a new record for # of comments. ha ha ha. I love it! I thought I would just add another comment to the pile =) he he. You know, so now you will have 5. lucky!


  6. I love the new look! I love the pillows and curtains.


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