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Hot Pink Car Seats & Little Boys


So, note to the wise…if you have a little girl, who loves pink—don’t indulge her by purchasing a pink car seat…because then, if you are like me, you will have a little boy whose biggest fear is that he will have to grow up and sit in it.

The goal for today was to re-cover this thing….I almost finished…but then I went on a needle breaking rampage and I had to stop. buggar. :-) Hopefully (cross fingers) I’ll be able to finish tomorrow morning…and then I’ll post some pics and hopefully (cross fingers again) get lots of compliments—because I’m pretty sure my car seat re-covering career is over…


  1. omgg this seat is totally cute!! I want one for my rooom. <3 !!


  2. pink car seats is very comfortable for baby ..
    its cute..I think any baby love it

    Circle Cutter


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