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Tonight I was in need of a little break and my husband was so nice that he took our little girl out for a walk, and left me home to have an hour all to myself! Oh, it was soooooooooooo ooo ooo nice! While he was gone I decided to work on this cute ruffle onesie. I have seen these at the mall in those little kiosks and I absolutely have fallen in love with them. I wish I would have seen these 3 years ago when my girl was a baby. I would have made a million of them! I made this one to give away as a baby gift! It was super easy, and if you click HERE it will take you to an awesome tutorial on how to make one!

Here are a few tips (things I’m gonna do next time I make one):

1. Make sure that you use a small needle on your sewing machine. I think I had one on mine that was supposed to sew through leather (ha ha ) or something, because it punched some pretty big holes. It didn’t ruin it, and you can’t tell unless you look on the inside…but even so—next time…small delicate fabric needle. Check!

2. Make sure to pull tight on the onesie while you sew the ruffle on. I caught some of the material up under my stitching and since the needle that I used was so big I didn’t dare unpick it because I didn’t want to risk making big huge holes in it. (refer back to tip #1 =)

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  1. That turned out so cute! Great job!


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