Ruffle Pillow

Ruffle Pillow {by Jess}


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Ruffle Pillow

Remember this cute ruffle pillow made from a t-shirt? Well, here is the tutorial. Enjoy!!

You’ll need:

  • an XL t-shirt (or larger)
  • rotary cutter, mat, and ruler
  • fiber fill or some sort of stuffing

Step 1: lay t-shirt flat on cutting mat. Cut hem off bottom of t-shirt and straighten sides out (if needed).

Trim off hem

straighten out sides

Step 2:  cut a 14×14 square through both layers of the t-shirt. These squares form the front and back of the pillow.

14x14 square

Step 3: trim off sleeves and use remaining t-shirt fabric to cut strips about 1 1/4 inch wide by 21 (or so) inches long.

cut strips

Step 4: lay out strips on pillow top to determine how many ruffles you want. I wanted 10 for mine.

lay out strips

Step 5: set your machine to a really long stitch (called a basting stitch). Sew down the center of each strip, leaving a tail of thread, and making sure to NOT reverse stitch on either end.

baste stitch strips

baste stitched strips

Step 6: lay strips back on pillow where you’d like them (with the bobbin thread side facing down). Pin ends in place (it makes the next step easier).

strips on pillow

Step 7: Ruffle time! Gently pull the bobbin thread (the thread on the bottom) to create the ruffle. Spread the ruffle across the entire strip and pin in place. Repeat for each strip.

Ruffle time!

ruffles, ruffles, ruffles

Step 8: set your machine back to a regular (or slightly smaller than regular) stitch length. Sew down the center of each ruffle (right on top of the baste stitch).

sew on ruffles

Step 9: pin pillow front to pillow back, with ruffles inside. Tip: to make sure you don’t sew the ruffle in the side seam, pin bottom-most and top-most ruffles to the side.

pin front to back

Step 10: sew front to back, leaving a 4-5 inch gap on one side. Trim corners. Flip right side out. Stuff.

EDIT: This is also the point where I would use a lint roller to get off all the tiny little balls of fabric that are everywhere…

trim corners

Step 11: pin opening closed and hand sew shut.

hand sew opening shut

I would show you the finished product, but I actually gave it away before I took a picture… but trust me, it was cute. :)

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  2. I linked to this post. Thanks for the tutorial!


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  5. I was wanting to make one of these with a silky fabric….any ideas on how to get it to not fray?


  6. Thanks for the step by step tuturial. This looks beautiful. I am going to try this.
    Dana Jones´s last [type] ..Brother SE400 Review


  7. Looks cute. I decided to give it a try next week. Thanks so much


  8. where did you find those great orange tshirts? the perfect accent colour for my gray and cream guest room!


  9. thanks! i get so fustrated when my sewing machine only does the thread!!thanks


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  12. I LOVE THIS! Thank you, Thank you! I am just learning and your directions are so clear and simply. I really appreciate it!! Nickie


  13. I just made one of these… I used it as pillow-case for an icky old pillow I have. I’m going to make another for a set. So pretty and so easy.


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  22. What a great pillow and tutorial!
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  26. I really love how easy this pillow looks! It is beautiful!

    I found your blog via Pinterest and am now following via email!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog´s last [type] ..My Fall 2012 Bucket List


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  28. So cute, doing it for my sisters christmas present. I am a beginner sewer. This so simple to do. I appreciate it greatly


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  32. I just love this pillow from T-shirts. Thanks for sharing. I had lost all interest in my crafting but thanks to you and other younger people have shown this 56 year old that yes you can find it again. So thank you for helping me find mine .


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  34. This was awesome! Your instructions were great! I made one and ended up making two and still need to stuff and finish two more. I brought it to a Be the change – Re-cycle fair on campus as an example of what to do with your unwanted T’s and everyone loved the pillows. I also took the left over scraps and made one more pillow with out ruffles – some people liked the patchwork one because they thought the ruffles looked too complicated ; ) I assured them the whole process was fun and easy .We also posted your instructions on an A frame to provide visual directions. Thanks again!


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  36. That is awesome. What material is it made out of?


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  39. Great tutorial! Thank you. Going to try this with burlap (using a couple of layers for each front and back… will get to skip the basting stitch because you can ruffle burlap rather easily on its own. Hope it works.
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  43. Twój pics look wspaniałe !!!
    Leonor´s last [type] ..Leonor


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