Ruffle Pillow


The other day as I was browsing craft blogs, I came across this amazingly adorable ruffle pillow refashioned from a ruffle shirt. I HAD to have one but I didn’t want to hem or finish any seams, so I used an XL knit t-shirt I had on-hand (for an eventual refashion). It was so easy albeit a little time-consuming and I absolutely love it! It is so soft, cozy, and cute! I’m thinking of making a tutorial, if anyone is interested let me know.

Ruffle Pillow

Author: Jess

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  1. Yes! I want a tutorial. Or you could just show me how to make it in real life. That greatly increases the chance that I’ll make it.


  2. LOVE it! Definitely interested in the tutorial. :)


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  4. thank you for the blessing! So cute.


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