Fleece blanket with hole cut

Tutorial: Easiest Way to Tie a Fleece Blanket

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Tying fleece blankets is an easy and fun project to do, especially around the holidays. They make for easy and inexpensive gifts and you can make them really quickly…especially if you make them like this (Thanks very much to my friend Brooke who taught me this fun little trick!!!):

Step 1: I use the length of my scissors to measure—and I cut a square out of each corner:

Step 2: Cut strips along all 4 sides of your blanket. I don’t measure them, just eye it and cut them about an inch or so apart (about the length of my scissors):

Step 3: Fold up your strips and cut a little hole in them with your scissors:

Step 4: Push your strip of fabric through the hole you cut:

and voila!!!

So much faster than actually tying a knot and I think it looks way cuter too! Have fun!

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  1. Do they sty tied in the wash?


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