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Hi Everybody! This is just a quick post to let everybody know that FloralShowers has their first EVER Squidoo lens! (Ughh, the lingo) Basically it is just a way for us to drive new traffic to our site using a Squidoo webpage (which they like to call a lense).

If you haven’t ever visited a squidoo site NOW is your chance just follow this link over to our Great Craft Ideas page and if you would like to help promote us, just sign up for a quick account and give us a nice big 5 STAR rating!

If you also have a craft blog feel free to add a link to our Squidoo page (down at the bottom of the page is a place to add blog links, and a place to add links for specific crafts). This is a great way to promote your own craft blog because it will give you a GREAT  link that Google will just be dying to follow!

Anyhow, thats all. Thank you. =)

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