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Remember the wedding flowers I did for my good friend Natalie the day after we moved in to our new house? Well, the fun hasn’t stopped, and I have since done the flowers for 4 more weddings. Usually I do about 2 or 3 weddings a year, you know, just a side hobby…but this year I have done 5 in the past 2 months, more like a part time job. ;-) I think it is time to take myself a little break. phew!

So, here are some pictures from wedding 2 out of 5:

Ashlee’s Bridal Bouquet {Orange Gerbs, Orange & Green Roses, Green Button Poms, Green Fuji Spider Mums and Purple Lisianthus}:

Bridesmaid’s Bouquet {same as the bridal bouquet just a bit smaller}:

Boutonnieres {3 Green Button Poms, Bear Grass and Israeli Ruscus}:

Corsages {1 Orange Rose, 2 Green Rose Petal Curls, 1 mini Orange Gerb, Bear Grass and Israeli Ruscus}:

Centerpiece {Orange Gerb and 4 Key Limes}:

Centerpiece {Limes, Oranges and Green Fuji Spider Mums}:

Centerpiece {Orange Gerbs, Orange & Green Roses, Green Button Poms, Green Fuji Spider Mums, Purple Lisianthus, Sliced Oranges and Key Limes}:

Someday I am going to actually fix up my ugly online floral portfolio so it will be pretty, and then I will post all my pictures over there and not over here. someday. :-) You know how it is…

…so until then stay tuned for pictures from the next 3 weddings right here on Floralshowers, because I am going to try to post them all this week. {I’ve been meaning to get this done, so we’ll see how far I get!}


  1. Where did you get these gorgeous green spider mums for this wedding? I am looking everywhere and cannot find any????


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